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The Accommodation List for 2017/18 will be available from the Students' Union at the end of June 2017. A downloadable list will be available here. Please phone 066-7144138/066-7144137 or email Please find the downloadable version of the accommodation list below so you can choose the best option for you and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.
2017/18 Accommodation List Coming Soon Householders Booklet

It can be hard finding suitable accommodation, whether it is for the first time, or for your return to college. You may be moving out of home for the first time and living with people and neighbours who may not be as tolerant of your untidiness and loud music as your parents were at home!

The information below is important so that you are aware of your rights and also that of the landlord. It is through discussion and receiving information that you will have a problem free term.

Here are some of the basic facts when it comes to renting accommodation. Some are common sense, others are the law. By Law, all student accommodation should be free from damp, and have hot and cold water. Landlords should provide tenants with a BER (Building Energy Rating) Certificate. When handing over money to your Landlord or Agent ensure you always get receipts.

Rent Books

Under the Housing, Rent Book regulations 1993 rent books are required when accommodation is rented. All payments should be recorded in this rent book along with the Landlords details, length of tenancy, amount of deposit, amount of rent and when it is due. A statement on the basic rights and duties of the Landlord and tenants should also be included.


Read the lease carefully before signing it. If you have a fixed term lease, you can't be asked to vacate unless you are in breach of your obligations. You are obliged to pay the rent for the duration of the lease. A lease can only be terminated by tenants in a few circumstances advice should be sought on this issue from Threshold. If a tenant is not in a lease agreement Notice of termination can be issued. The amount of Notice depends on the length of your tenancy details can be found on


Your Landlord should return your deposit when you vacate unless:

  • You haven't given the Landlord correct notice.
  • Caused damage beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Left bills or rent unpaid.
  • A review of rent.


Rent must be market rent and cannot be increased within the first 12 months.


A list of furniture and appliances being provided should be included with your lease or rent book and signed by the tenant and Landlord. A request for repairs should be put in writing to the Landlord immediately.


Your Landlord should give you notice before entering your property. A landlord cannot evict you in the absence of a court order.

Commencing Your Tenancy

  • When viewing the property check that all electrical and gas appliances are in working order.
  • Take photographs of the property, including any damage to the structure & contents such as cigarette burns, stains, cracked windows & that all furniture and appliances listed are there & in working order.
  • Insist on a receipt for your security deposit.
  • If there are issues to be rectified in the property, have it stated that the deposit is placed subject to the property being in compliance with the Minimum Standards at the date of commencement of the tenancy.
  • Request a viewing prior to the moving in date to ascertain if all stated issues have been rectified.
  • Insist that a written contract be issued to you and it signed by you and your landlord.
  • Insist that a Building Energy Rating (BER) Certificate is provided prior to signing the contract.
  • Insist that the gas/ electricity meter readings and an inventory are included in the contract.
  • If paying in cash insist that a rent book is provided and that you keep all reciepts.
  • Source contents insurance as the landlord's policy does not include cover for your personal possessions.
  • For further information regarding your rights or obligations as a tenant contact Threshold and your Student Union, 22 South Mall, Cork Phone: (021) 4278848 or visit:

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We are made up of three full time officers and six part time officers, who will serve a term of 12 months. All officers have been elected by the students of the Institute.

This means that we have gone through many of the same experiences you all will go through so you should feel comfortable to come to us with any query at all and hopefully we can make your experience here in Tralee as enjoyable as possible.

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