There are many welfare campaigns that will be run throughout the year. Below is a list of our upcoming campaigns. Please feel free to get involved with any campaigns you are interested in. We are always looking for helping hands! Alternatively, if you feel that something should be included in a campaign email with any suggestions you may have.

Sexual Well Being Week

23rd September

Know Your Union Week

30th September

World Mental Health Day

10th October

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week

21st - 25th October

College Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

27th & 28th November

Exam Success & Mental Health Week

2nd December

Mental Health Week

20th January

S.H.A.G Week

10th February

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If for some reason you cannot seem to contact us online or you are not on campus please call the union on one of the below numbers or feel free to drop into any of the offices.

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IT Tralee Student's Union