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What Is A Class Representative?

A Class Rep is a student who is elected by their peers to represent the interests of their class to the Students' Union and lecturers in charge of their courses. They provide an important link between students and the Students' Union/staff in their Department. Class Reps serve to represent their classmates upon their election in everything ranging from JAWS (Joint Academic Workshop) meetings to Class Parties & Class Representative Council. There are also several benefits to being a Class Rep such as:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Negotiation and Advocacy Skills
  • Organisation and Communication Skills
  • Networking Opportunities amongst other Class Reps, Academic/Administrative Staff and other Students across the country

What is Class Representative Council?

Class Rep Council is the meeting of all Class Reps and the SU Executive. Class Rep Council serves as the main way for Class Reps to voice their class' views to the Students' Union Executive. Class Reps can bring up any areas for discussion, be it academic or welfare related or any miscellaneous quires. The Students' Union organise the Council meetings at least four times a year, twice per semester. During Class Rep Council, Class Reps can mandate the SU Executive to carry out actions that they want conducted throughout the year. Class Reps are the backbone of the Students' Union and the more actively engaged they are in Class Rep Council, the better the Class Rep system. In order to run Class Rep Council, an independent Chairperson is appointed by the Class Representatives. This person is not a current Class Rep and helps maintain the flow

What is a JAWS Meeting?

A JAWS meeting is where a Class Rep meets with academic staff form their Course/Department on behalf of their class to discuss any issues and concerns that arise throughout the academic term. JAWS meetings are provided as a feedback system to staff in order to benefit the students' academic experience while also impacting positively on the course as a whole. Class Reps may not raise issues in relation to individual lecturer performance through the JAWS meeting. If a case arises where lecturer performance is an issue, the Class Rep should first speak with the lecturer before considering formal complaint procedures.

How can I organise a Class Party?

Class Parties are one of the ways in which your class group can ‘Break The Ice' and create early friendships and bonds with each other. Class Parties can range from a party in a venue to a mystery tour or even as small as a gathering in a pub. Here are some ideas for Class Parties:

  • Mystery Tour's – In the past students have had great trips away to Dingle, Limerick, Kenmare, Cork and even areas close to Tralee like Castleisland, Castlegregory, Killarney and Kilorglin.
  • Parties in Pubs – Parties in pubs are always a great way of socialising & Tralee has plenty pubs to organise a Class Parties.
  • Make it a Theme night – Theme nights are sure to be memorable and it's a chance to let yourself go. If Toga parties are your thing then remember underwear.
  • Organise an event for RAG charities – we are always looking for students to raise money for our RAG charity's throughout the year. If you have an idea for an event then come talk to your SU about it. We can help you organise the event and the fundraising aspect while you can gather your class and enjoy your night out.
  • Try something different – Tralee and other areas Kerry/Limerick provide students with activities such as Airsoft, Karting, Paintballing, Outdoor Pursuits and Surfing. Of course it doesn't end there. Over the coming months you will come across interesting ideas for class parties that even the SU don't know about
This year we have included a section in our handbook where Class Reps have full control of how they would like to organise their Class Parties. You can book the venue and/or an act and even merge parties with other class groups to make it cheaper for everyone.

Organising Class Parties are quite simple but here are a few tips for organising and booking venues / acts / buses:
  • Book the venue and make sure costs (if any) are verified before the event.
  • When booking acts and get a quote before finalising any deal. Make sure to have the fee ready before the event.
  • Talk with the venue in terms of acts and see will they sub cost even by half.
  • Meet with your class to discuss options for travel.
  • Get three quotes from bus/coach companies before deciding on one.
  • Make sure you verify with the bus coach companies that alcohol is allowed on the bus. They can be very strict on this and it can mean the difference between a great night and a disaster.
  • If there are students with disabilities in your class make sure you have exhausted all efforts to include them & ensure their safety for entry in/out of venue/bus.
  • Make regular contact with the venues/acts/buses ahead of the event to ensure everything is ready to go.
  • Contracts with venues/acts are a good idea but as long as you have booked and verified dates then there should rarely be a problem.
If you follow these steps then you can be guaranteed that nothing major will go wrong. There will be the odd mishap that you can't account for but at least you will have organised the most important parts as listed above.

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