Struggling with a subject? Need extra tuition?

If you find you're struggling with a particular subject and need some extra tuition from a peer, we might be able to help!

Your Students' Union has a grinds system to ensure you get the best tuition and assistance to aid your progression through your course of study. Our quality assurance procedure ensures any student giving grinds will have to provide proof of their grades.

Grinds are normally in the region of 15 - 25 per hour for one to one session. If we don't have the grinds you're looking for then let us know and we will advertise this for you on our website, Facebook, Twitter and college magazine!

Top of the class? Fancy making some extra money?

If you are in 2nd year or above, and have a grade of 70% (equivalent or higher) you could earn extra cash by giving grinds to students who might find a particular subject difficult. Students often look for help coming up to exams and this is the ideal way to make use of your knowledge and earn some extra money! To ensure our students get the best tuition, you will have to provide proof of your grades. You must attach the grades to your application form and return it to the Students' Union for validation.


  • If you are not happy with the service please inform us and we will contact the tutor.
  • Do not continue to avail of a service if you are dis-satisfied.
  • All grinds must be paid for on delivery of service.

Click the button below if you wish to download the ITTSU Grinds Form and get in touch if you have any questions.

Download Grinds Form.

School of Business, Computing & Humanities

Department of Computing

Java/Software development
Software Development

  • Structured Programming
  • Mathematics
Availability: (Semester 1 & 2 only) Contact: Leon Wong Contact: Rate per hour: ITTSU Euro Symbol15

Department of Business

Business Subjects

  • Financial Accounting Manual & Computerised Accounts
  • Management Practice and Principles
  • Selling and Sales Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Assignment Structure / Proof Reading
Availability:All Year 0872443004


  • Cost Accounting
  • Management Accounting
  • Accounting for Decision Makers
  • Financial Reporting
  • Advanced Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Accounting for Consolidations
Availability: TBC Sean Lovett Experienced and Qualified Teacher 086 063 09 99 Rate per Hour: ITTSU Euro Symbol30 for 1.5 hours

School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics


  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Applied Maths
  • Business Maths
Availability: All (Semester 1 & 2 exams & August repeat exams) Contact: Pat Hurley - (085)8277464 - Rate per hour: ITTSU Euro Symbol40


  • Maths
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Mechanics of Machines
  • Six Sigma Tools
  • Strength of Materials
Availability: All Semesters Contact: Con Cronin - - Rate per hour: ITTSU Euro Symbol30

Civil Engineering & Construction Studies


  • Electricity
Availability: (Semester 1, term 1 only) Contact: Daniel McEnery 087-2363260 Rate per hour: ITTSU Euro Symbol15-20, larger groups negotiable.

Department of Biological & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Biology, Pharmaceutical & Wildlife Biology

  • All Subjects
  • Report Writing Skills
  • Research Methods
  • Data Analysis Techniques
  • Presentation Skills
  • Exam Preparation & Repeats
Availability: TBC For Appointment Contact: Rate per hour: ITTSU Euro Symbol30 for one2one class & ITTSU Euro Symbol45 for a group of 3

School of Health and Social Science


  • Psychology (Child, Abnormal, Social)
  • Organizational Psychology 2
  • Social Research Methods
  • Research Methods
Availability: Semester 1 Term 1, Semester 1 Term 2, Semester 2 Term 1, Semester 2 Term 2, August Repeat Exams. Contact: Denis daly (087)4190838

Department of Nursing and Health Care Sciences


Research Aid

Subjects: 3rd 4th year

  • Portfolio work
  • Clinical Placement(portfolio development & Research) (literature review)
Availability: Ring to book Contact: or 087 2886641 Rate per hour: ITTSU Euro Symbol30-40

Learning, Research and Communication

  • Preparing Journals, Dissertations and Thesis, Portfolio Development, Project Work
  • Exam Preparation, Presentations, Interview and Communication Skills.
  • Analytical Skills & Creative Thinking, Motivation and Problem Solving.
  • Construction Design & Technology
  • Sustainable Design & Construction Technology.
  • Procurement & Contracts.
  • Project Management.
  • Cost Planning & Control.
  • Building Control & Regulations.
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship.
  • Planning and Development Regulations, Conservation and & Heritage Assessment.
  • Construction Health & Safety Legislation, Design Risk Assessments, Occupational Safety.
  • Building Information Modelling - BIM, (AutoCAD and REVIT overviews).
  • Theory of Architecture.
  • Design Technology.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration.

There is scope to customise the focus of the subject areas below so please contact me if you want to concentrate on specific aspects. I have worked in design, technical and management roles in architecture, construction, landscape, engineering as well as production of visual arts projects. My subject areas cover learning, research and documentation as well as technical specific areas such as construction, safety regulatory contexts, sustainable design, and project management.

Availability: All Year Contact: Eugene Boyle, 086-8307184 Rate per hour: ITTSU Euro Symbol20.

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This means that we have gone through many of the same experiences you all will go through so you should feel comfortable to come to us with any query at all and hopefully we can make your experience here in Tralee as enjoyable as possible.

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Download Grinds Form

Click the button below if you wish to download the ITTSU Grinds Form and get in touch if you have any questions.

Download Grinds Form.

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