It's College! Be Social!

The Student's Union endeavours to be fully accessible to it's student's. It is for this reason that we are always easy to contact through social media, namely Facebook & Twitter.

It provides us with a platform for instant communication and we recommend that student's follow us on both. You will get instant updates on all the important things like exam information as well as all the fun things such as who's playing for Rag Week.

It also offers our students the opportunity to view galleries from events throughout the year! make sure you tag pictures of yourself and friends anywhere you see them!!

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Do you want more info? Give Us a Call

If for some reason you cannot seem to contact us online or you are not on campus please call the union on one of the below numbers or feel free to drop into any of the offices.

066-7144138 | 066-7144137

IT Tralee Student's Union