Jessica Murphy | President's Address.

Hello to Everyone,

College are some of the best years of your life and so make sure to take some time out to enjoy them. My name is Jessica Murphy. I am proudly serving as your President in the Students' Union for the Academic year 2018/19. So I am the main spokesperson throughout the year and I sit on different councils representing the student body.

I would highly recommend students to get involved with Sports and Societies from day one, as you will meet people with the same interests as you and also help you to enjoy your experience here in Tralee even more. Joining these will also help to relieve the stress from pressures of study and college work.

The Students Union also organises different social events throughout the year. These events consist of on and off campus activities. We will have open mic nights, sports events/fun tournaments and entertainment nights in our local bar and nightclub.

I look forward to meeting ye all throughout the year and feel free to approach me at any time no matter what you want to ask me. So make the most of your experience, make friends, do all our competitions to be in with a chance of winning some fantastic prizes, sign up to our Facebook page so you know exactly what is happening and keep an eye out around our Student Union offices to see any campaigns that may be happening throughout the year. Please remember, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU.

Look forward to meeting you all!

Jessica Murphy.


P: 066 7144136

M: 083 1156156
Read the ITTSU Constitution

What We Do

Every registered student is automatically a member of the Students' Union, and a member of our national union USI (Union of Students in Ireland). The functions include:

1. Representation

The SU represents you at numerous councils and committees on lots of levels. We strive to make sure you get the best deal possible when it comes to your education and welfare. We are also active members of USI, where we work on national campaigns such as the fight against fees and the reform of the grant system.

2. Services

The SU offers a wide range of services, including information on anything college related, a 2nd hand book shop, a grinds system and a place to chill out and relax during a stressful day. Our facilities offer you the best deal as we are a non-profit organisation.

3. Entertainment

The SU endeavours to present top quality entertainment to all our members whether it be on or off campus. We organise events such as Freshers Fortnight, Christmas Day, RAG week (charity week), and the college ball plus much much more! Lookout for events in our local nightclub Horans, where big names from across the music scene will grace the stage regularly. Also we urge students to lookout for and join in with our daytime entertainments.

4. A Helping Hand

The SU is always here to help out a student in need. If you are having any kind of personal problems, from finance to sexuality, our Welfare Officer Jessica is ALWAYS here to help. We offer confidential and comfortable space to talk along with an effective referral service. The Education Officer Joseph is always at hand to help out with academic problems you may have, ranging from missing lectures to applying for the grant.

Union Structures

  • The two main decision making bodies of the SU are the Class Rep Council & Union Executive.
  • Students elect class reps at the beginning of the year who represent them on Class Rep Council.
  • There are 3 sabbatical officers in the SU. That means that they were elected into their position & take a year out to work full-time with the union. The positions are: President, Vice President for Education & Vice President for Welfare.
  • The Union executive is made up of the three full-time sabbatical officers, the administrator/secretary & the 6 part-time officers.
  • The 8 part-time officers are the on campus Entertainments Officer, Equalities and citizenship Officer, Communications Officer, Societies Officer, Sports Officer, International Student Officer, IMCP Student Officer, & Mature Student Officer. They make sure their respective areas are being looked after.
  • Class rep elections are held at the beginning of each year.
  • Sabbatical and part-time elections take place in semester 2 and nominees are elected for the next year.

Meet The Student Union Team

IT Tralee Student's Union

Jessica Murphy

IT Tralee Student's Union

Joseph Kavanagh

VP Education
IT Tralee Student's Union

Petrina Comerford

VP Welfare

Do you want more info? Give Us a Call

If for some reason you cannot seem to contact us online or you are not on campus please call the union on one of the below numbers or feel free to drop into any of the offices.

066-7144138 | 066-7144137

IT Tralee Student's Union